Training Workshop on groundwater impress

April, 2016-. After the training workshop on surface waters, another training workshop on ground waters took place during the week 18 - 21 April whose main objective was to present the specific methodology used for the determination of pressures, impacts and risks of not meeting the environmental objectives that WFD requires for groundwater bodies.

Apart from the water management authorities there were several representatives from other institutions involved. The representatives were experts with high profile (environmental engineers, chemical engineers, river basin managers, geologists and hydrogeologists), which promoted a high level participation during the discussions and practical sessions.

Meanwhile, the Consortium presented examples from Mediterranean basins similar to the Turkish ones with the participation of two international experts. One of them was an Italian representative (from the Tuscany Region), and the other one was Spanish (expert from Guadiana Basin in Spain). In addition, the Consortium had two other Spanish experts who presented the methodologies proposed as from the methodological guidelines and requirements of the Water Framework Directive 2000/60/EC.

The sessions were divided in accordance with the subjects where three main blocks were defined: pressures, impacts and risks. Moreover, both the sessions on pressures and the sessions on impacts were taken up separately both in terms of qualitative aspects (pressures affecting the chemical status and impacts on the quality of ground waters) and in terms of quantitative aspects (pressures due to ground water abstractions and impacts on the ground water levels).

Following each theoretical session, sessions with practical examples were carried out where there was a huge participation from the representative from the Turkish institutions, which greatly enriched the topics discussed, and provided additional information in many cases. 

Later on, the general methodology to determine the risks and the results obtained in the 4 pilot basins of this Project were discussed. So as to conclude the workshop two round table discussions were realized where participants and trainers discussed the main conclusions and improvement needed for the following steps.

Mrs Carmen Macías
Mr Jorge Martínez

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