Promising start for RIBAMAP

July, 2015-. RIBAMAP. What does that mean? Is it a new music band, or a new drink, a city in a faraway country? Or is it the name of company that specializes in making geographical maps, a competitor of google maps? That would make sense as the word ‘map’ is in RIBAMAP.  Sorry, all wrong. None of them.

RIBAMAP is the name of a new river basin management project in Turkey. This project will make river basin management plans for four river basins in Turkey. These river basins are Büyük Menderes, Konya, Susurluk and Meric-Ergene. The plans will fully comply with EU water legislation. The plans will be ready by the end of 2017. After that, the Turkish water authorities are responsible to implement the plans and to improve the status of the water bodies in these river basins.

The project is funded by the EU and the Turkish government and executed by three Spanish companies (Tragsatec, Initec and Ambisat) and one Turkish company, Suyapi. That means that two countries with more or less the same climate conditions will work together. I am sure this will safeguard the success of the project. And next to that, Spain has a more than one hundred years tradition in river basin management.

We started in December 2014 and up till now we did research, collected data, made a gap analysis, an economic analysis etc. Many of the reports will be uploaded to the project website.  On 3 February we had a successful official kick off meeting, attended by around 250 participants and the Turkish Minister for Forestry and Water Affairs, Prof. Dr. Veysel Ero─člu.

Please keep following this blog.  There will be exciting things coming up in the project, like already in this year monitoring and the characterisation of the basins. I am sure you will enjoy reading this. You will not be disappointed.

And last but not least. What on earth does RIBAMAP mean? Well, it stands for River Basin Management Plans. Does make sense, doesn’t it?

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Henk Sterk



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